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Visual Designer

We're looking for a Visual Designer to join our fully remote team.

Contract · Remote

About the job

As a Visual Designer at Zacht Studios, you will do all sorts of things.* This includes the creation of presentations, marketing assets, videos, email newsletters, websites, and more. You'll do this all while keeping our customers (and oftentimes their customers) in mind. You'll work hand-in-hand with our team and client stakeholders to create amazing designs. You'll have a direct impact on how our customers demonstrate their products and talk about their business. Here are some of things you could do or learn in the role:

  • Photoshop Images
  • Illustration
  • Icon Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Design and Layout
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Storytelling
  • Content Gathering (i.e. Stock Photography)
  • Slide Design
  • Business Strategy
  • Investor Fundraising and Pitching

Above all else, we help our clients identify and tell their most authentic stories.

*Does only some of this resonate with you, but you’re interested in learning the rest? Apply! We aspire to create and encourage an environment of learning at Zacht Studios.

Tools we use: A lot! 

We encourage all of our team to use the tools they prefer, which let them do their best work. We are also flexible to our clients’ needs. If they need a PowerPoint file as a final deliverable, we’ll work with them in PowerPoint. 

Some of our favorite tools:

About you*

  • You have knowledge and experience with visual and information hierarchies, grid systems, color theory, typography, and layout.

  • You have the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.

  • You have the ability to multi-task several, disparate projects at a time.

  • You have an eye for details.

  • You're familiar with design software and technologies (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, etc.) and are willing to learn new ones too.

  • You have the ability to translate a non-designer’s expression of creativity into a visual design.

  • You're excited to learn.

*Does only some of this resonate with you, but you’re interested in learning the rest? ApplyWe aspire to create and encourage an environment of learning at Zacht Studios.

About us

Zacht Studios is a presentation design agency that focuses on company storytelling and investor fundraising. We have crafted pitch decks, marketing materials, and unforgettable stories for highly recognized companies from every industry and supported numerous startups in fundraising more than $2B.

The majority of our work is focused on investor fundraising, but we enjoy all sorts of other work. As we’ve grown the team (including you!) we have brought new skills together to offer more solutions to our customers.

We have team meetings every week, and to keep things interesting we rotate through these meeting themes:

Educational/Guest Lecturer: We host an educational meeting or bring in a guest to chat with us. We take turns teaching a skill or tool, so expect to be the instructor once every 3-4 months.

Traffic: We talk about each active client and their projects. We align on project status, where we can shift the teams attention, and even show off recent work.

Open Mic: We set aside our serious faces and create presentations about non-work-related topics.

Happy Hour: At the end of every month, we celebrate our hard work and wonderful teammates. (As we are now working across 9 time zones, this one is likely to evolve soon)

Meet your team


Creative Director


Content Director


Director of Accounts


Owner & Managing Director

Our clients

We love our clients. We work with great people at some of the most interesting companies we know of.

Even more details

The Projects We Work On

Pitch Decks, White Papers, Social Media graphics, Videos, 1-pagers, Documents, Keynote Presentations, Presentation and Document templates, Websites, and more!

Ethics Filter

We will not work with unethical clients and have lots of strong opinions about all the companies in our industry. We do our best to vet our clients when we are introduced before we start collaborating. As the rest of the team will attest, sometimes we make mistakes here. We recently had a client ask us to help them hide an opt-out checkbox from their customers — we hated that. But despite everything, we continue to do what we believe is right, and we want to educate and guide our clients away from these harmful decisions.


At least €4,500 / month (negotiable) for full-time equivalent — compensation can scale up depending on skills and experience.

Part-time is a possibility!

Contract Details

This position is an initial 6-month contract with an option to extend if we love working with each other. It is part- or full-time equivalent hours, depending on what works best for you.


This part is tricky for U.S.-based candidates! We are incorporated in the Netherlands, but fully aware that U.S. companies are sometimes responsible for providing you with healthcare. We currently cannot sponsor your healthcare costs or insurance.

Can I work from an office?

We are currently all remote and working from home. Dona and Zach work in a co-working space in Amsterdam some of the time. If you’re Amsterdam-based already, we can get you a spot with us.

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